A man, a brand, a story …

The Gironacci brand was born 45 years ago, first from the heart and then from the hands of its founder: Arduino Gironacci. Like almost all successful companies in Italy, its roots lie deep in a powerful desire to achieve and the conviction that to be successful you must always work with utmost quality and respect for the raw materials.

It was this mindset that lead Gironacci to transform his small family business into an industry, yet still produce the same quality garments that so exalt all who wear them.

Today, the firm employs more than one hundred people, makes half a million Made in Italy garments every year and continues to invest in the improvement of the product and the services offered. Although the company has grown, its founder has not lost sight of the values which led to his success. A look at the collections turned out year after year is enough to make you understand that, even today, all of them are designed and produced to be beautiful, comfortable and, above all, accessible to all.

The commitment to amaze is still alive in Arduino Gironacci, and this is, without a doubt, what makes each item unique and special.

A man, a brand, a story …